Tips For Those Buying Wastewater Flow Control Valves For A Treatment System

Posted on: 22 September 2022

If you're involved in wastewater control operations, one of the most important resources you'll rely on is a flow control valve. It helps control the pressure of wastewater to where it flows optimally throughout a system. If you're in the market for said control product, take these steps.

Look For Something That Can Support Remote Control

In order to add to the convenience of using a flow control valve with a wastewater treatment system, you should focus on models that can be controlled remotely. That's going to expand your functioning capabilities beyond the area where the fluid control valve is set up around.

For instance, you could be in a building off-site and have the ability to adjust parameters with the wastewater flow control valve. This is key for being able to make adjustments immediately once you realize flow conditions warrant a change. 

Make Sure Material Grade is Optimal

What your flow control valve is made of for a wastewater treatment system is something to focus on because you want said valve holding up to surrounding conditions for a long time. You have material grades like steel and aluminum. Ultimately, you want to find a material grade best suited to your wastewater treatment environment.

You thus need to study said conditions long enough to figure out what material for your flow control valve is going to lead to longevity. Then you won't be in the position of replacing said valve on a regular basis.

Verify Optimal Wastewater Support

Your site's wastewater will have certain properties. It might be the type of contaminants found in the wastewater or the temperatures it reaches. If you account for these properties, you can easily find a wastewater flow control valve meant to support them perfectly.

Then you won't have to second-guess your ability to control the pressure of wastewater as it moves throughout a system around your work site. You'll get optimal functionality and won't have to make any adjustments later on. A lot of flow control valve manufacturers will specify what their systems are meant to support too, which makes it easy to find something compatible. 

A fundamental aspect of managing wastewater around a site is being able to control its flow. You can do this with a flow control valve. As long as you find a valve built with the right materials and designs, it's going to make flow control easy to oversee going forward. For more information on wastewater flow control products, contact a professional near you.